Bangga Film Indonesia – Ricky Lionardi Orchestra

This is a tribute to Indonesia Movies from time to time. Capturing the best cinematic moment through the soundtrack. This is Bangga Film Indonesia by Ricky Lionardi Orchestra at Piala Citra – FFI 2014.

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Limited Viewing

For Indonesian viewers, we would like to apologize for the limited viewing due to Vimeo banning in Indonesia, couple of Ricky Lionardi’s TVC & Music Productions portfolio currently couldn’t be accessed if you’re Indonesian visitors. We are in the process of moving the video hosting one video at a time, and hopefully will be back as usual as soon as possible. Apologize for any inconvenience.

ps. if you need Ricky Lionardi’s showreel or portfolio, you can send an e-mail to, and we will send it in DVD format.

Studio Tonton Book Launching Video

Directed by Davy Linggar

Edited by Reuben Tourino

Music by Ricky Lionardi (Jungle Audio Post)

Sound Design by I Gede Rama (Jungle Audio Post)


The video is produced for ‘Studio Tonton Book Launching’ on February 15th 2015 at Dia.Lo.Gue artspace by Tonton Studio

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Behind The Scene – Ricky Lionardi Orchestra at FFI 2014

Behind the scene for Ricky Lionardi Orchestra gig at Piala Citra – Festival Film Indonesia 2014 in Palembang. Melon, the photographer and the videographer has captured the moments from the final rehearsal, minutes to show time, to the end of the performance

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Malam Anugerah Piala Citra – Festival Film Indonesia 2014

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Pada hari Sabtu, 6 Desember 2014 yang lalu bertempat di Palembang Sports and Convention Center diadakan malam penganuegrahan Piala Citra – Festiva Film Indonesia 2014, sebuah ajang bergengsi untuk mengapresiasi para insan perfilman Indonesia.

Malam puncak FFI 2014 ini dimeriahkan oleh banyak pihak, dipandu oleh Indy Barends dan Steny Agustaf, acara tersebut juga diisi oleh para penyanyi dan musisi terbaik yaitu Dira Sugandi, Endah & Rhesa, Ipank, sampai Ari Lasso, yang semuanya diiringi secara megah oleh Ricky Lionardi Orchestra.

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The Northern Lights

I do not own the rights to this video content (concept and/or editing). No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational and creative use only.

Footages : Tesophotography

Music : Ricky Lionardi

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Trailer : Mari Lari Movie

Title : Mari Lari

PH : Nation Pictures

Director : Delon Tio
Music Director : Ricky Lionardi

Starring: Dimas Aditya, Olivia JensenDonny Damara, Ira Wibowo, Ibnu Jamil

Soundtrack by Alexa, Agrikulture, Twentyfirst Night


check out Ricky Lionardi’s scoring for Mari Lari movie in his Soundcloud page by clicking here

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Ricky Lionardi, Salah Satu Finalis Oticons Faculty – International Film Music Competition

Media Release

Pada 5 Juli 2014, komposisi Ricky Lionardi, seorang penata musik asal Indonesia, telah terpilih dan masuk ke dalam 40 finalis dari Oticons Faculty – International Film Music Competition, sebuah ajang kompetisi komposisi musik film dunia yang pertama kali diselenggarakan dengan juri sebagai berikut

  • Atticus Ross (Academy Award-winning Composer)

Komposer musik dalam film “The Social Network”, “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo”

  • Lalo Schifrin (6-time Academy Award Nominee composer)

Komposer musik dalam film “Mission Impossible”, “Rush Hour”

  • Harry Gregson-Williams

Komposer musik dalam film “Shrek”, “Narnia”, “Prince of Persia”, “X-Men Origins”

  • Rachel Portman

Komposer musik dalam film “Chocolat”, “The Vow”, “One Day”, “Lake House”, “Mona Lisa Smile”

  • Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (Academy Award-winning Composer)

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