Jungle Audio Post

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Jungle Audio Post (PT. Ksatria Nada Kencana) is a full-service audio post production company specializing in TV production and features film. The services include: ADR, Foley, Music Production, Sound design, Audio Restoration, M&E mixing, Audio Layback, Score Composition, Film Scoring and Access to our large-in-house source library.

Ricky Lionardi is now joining the team in Jungle Audio Post along with Hendra Jaya Putra, I Gede Rama Aditta, Pringgo Aryo Pradana, and Yogie Vanyedha

The story behind the founding of the company, like many other good story, based on friendship, passion and professionalism.

“We live our live through sounds and music, it mark the milestones of our lives. It invokes memories. We connect through it. That’s why making music and sounds is something we put our hearts in.”

At Jungle Audio Post, they act on a brief by team decision and delegation. Having diverse musical background and style in the team, they have the freedom to fit to the job.


Address. Jl Purisakti 1 No. 25 – Jakarta, Indonesia 12410
Ph. (021) 7514102
E-mail. jungleaudiopost@gmail.com
Web. http://www.jungleaudiopost.com
Page. https://www.facebook.com/ksatrianadakencana



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