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Pada 5 Juli 2014, komposisi Ricky Lionardi, seorang penata musik asal Indonesia, telah terpilih dan masuk ke dalam 40 finalis dari Oticons Faculty – International Film Music Competition, sebuah ajang kompetisi komposisi musik film dunia yang pertama kali diselenggarakan dengan juri sebagai berikut

  • Atticus Ross (Academy Award-winning Composer)

Komposer musik dalam film “The Social Network”, “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo”

  • Lalo Schifrin (6-time Academy Award Nominee composer)

Komposer musik dalam film “Mission Impossible”, “Rush Hour”

  • Harry Gregson-Williams

Komposer musik dalam film “Shrek”, “Narnia”, “Prince of Persia”, “X-Men Origins”

  • Rachel Portman

Komposer musik dalam film “Chocolat”, “The Vow”, “One Day”, “Lake House”, “Mona Lisa Smile”

  • Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (Academy Award-winning Composer)

Komposer musik dalam film (more…)

For Indonesian viewers, we would like to apologize for the limited viewing due to Vimeo banning in Indonesia, couple of Ricky Lionardi’s TVC & Music Productions portfolio currently couldn’t be accessed if you’re Indonesian visitors. We are in the process of moving the video hosting one video at a time, and hopefully will be back as usual as soon as possible. Apologize for any inconvenience.

ps. if you need Ricky Lionardi’s showreel or portfolio, you can send an e-mail to, and we will send it in DVD format. review for ‘Java Jazz 2012 : Tribute To Lady Jazz – Dira Sugandi and Ricky Lionardi Jazz Orchestra’

“Just like today, Dira did another epically collaboration with Ricky Lionardi Jazz Orchestra. Having the big band behind her made her able to bring her powerhouse soulful voice through some selected songs including Etta James’ “At Last”.”

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Big Band in Indonesia is probably not popular these days but it is eventually the earliest form or jazz. Big band was getting more popular from early 1935 to late 1940 where swing became the trend. At that time, swing was everywhere; everyone played swing and listen to swing. During this golden era, big band developed fast. Today, even though jazz and swing are not included in current music trends in Indonesia, big band still has many fans. The passion of jazz lovers successfully passes the beauty, uniqueness and value of jazz to the next generations. You may not see the hype about jazz in Indonesia, but you can see that fans of jazz and swing can be found everywhere.


Basically, big band consists of 12 to 19 musical instruments that plays Symphony Orchestra Indonesia composed by a composer and perfectly prepared by an orchestrator. This is actually one thing that differentiates big band from a jazz combo, a smaller jazz band. Big band only plays well prepared music. The music is composed by a composer and then prepared by a fully experienced orchestrator. Improvisation is made based on composer’s request. The collaboration of composer and orchestrator is carried out days before the performance to make sure that the music is perfect. To play the music, the band uses saxophones, trumpets and trombones. Those who are chosen to play a certain musical instrument surely has unmatched skills and knowledge about jazz and the musical instrument. This simply implies that they are skilled and knowledgeable.


Actually, the interest in jazz music in Indonesia is back slowly. More and more people become interested in jazz music. Not only do adults but also teenagers want to know more about jazz. This happens because there are people who keep introducing jazz to lots of people passionately. One of the examples are Salamander Big Band. This big band is Bandung based big band and i has joined various kinds of live-shows. Through their concerts, the band shows that jazz and swing are perfect music. Then, another example is jazz music festivals, Jakarta International – Java Jazz Festival that are often conducted in Indonesia. The more the number of festivals is, the more the exposures to jazz are. When people are frequently exposed to jazz, they will become more interested to know what jazz and swing is, who popular jazz musicians are, and examples of Jazz Big Band.

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Film reviews and discussion by Amir Syarif Siregar

“Sebagai sebuah tayangan yang mengandung tampilan musikal, harus diakui lagu-lagu yang diaransemen ulang untuk ditampilkan dalam Simfoni Luar Biasa cukup mampu memberikan momen-momen menyenangkan dalam film ini. ‘Kidung‘ milik Chrisye dan ‘Imagine’ milik John Lennon berhasil ditampilkan kembali dengan baik. Christian Bautista juga memberikan sumbangan vokal lewat lagu ‘I’m Already King‘ yang harus diakui mampu dimanfaatkan dengan baik mengikuti alur cerita film dan menjadi highlight sendiri dalam Simfoni Luar Biasa setiap lagu terebut dihadirkan di dalam jalan cerita.”