BTS : Senandung Indonesia Album Recording in Budapest

In May 2018, Ricky Lionardi finally went to the studio to record the 60-piece orchestra for Senandung Indonesia music album with Budapest Scoring Jazz Orchestra. The recording took place at Budapest city, Hungary for 4 hours.

In the upcoming album, one of the songs is performed by Indra Aziz along with Nial Djuliarso, Aksan Sjuman and Kevin Yosua in the rhythm section.

Check out the teaser, compiled and edited by Alexis Calvin, with footages from Budapest Scoring & Flo Hadjon.


Canvas Imaginarium Suites by Johannes Rusli

Canvas Imaginarium Suites
Performed by 60-piece Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Music by Johannes Rusli
Orchestrated & Produced by Ricky Lionardi
Mixed by Dimas Pradipta
Mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studio

Karena Kutahu Engkau Begitu (KKEB)

Title : Karena Kutahu Engkau Begitu (KKEB)

Artist : Shelomita

This is the track that Ricky Lionardi,¬†Indra Aziz, & Adra Karim arranged/produced around the year of 2006. Titled¬†‘Karena Kutahu Engkau Begitu’ by Andre Hehanusa, sung by Shelomita. Recently Ricky Lionardi added the strings orchestra & few more tracks in to it. Good old days!

vox : Shelomita
pno : Azfansadra Karim
tnr sax : Indra Aziz
gtr : Ricky Lionardi
bass : Indra Perkasa
drum : Elfa Zulham Syah

Behind The Scene – Ricky Lionardi Orchestra at FFI 2014

Behind the scene for Ricky Lionardi Orchestra gig at Piala Citra – Festival Film Indonesia 2014 in Palembang. Melon, the photographer and the videographer has captured the moments from the final rehearsal, minutes to show time, to the end of the performance

Ricky Lionardi Orchestra for Piala Citra – FFI 2014 (TEASER)

Ricky Lionardi Orchestra for Piala Citra – Festival Film Indonesia 2014 (TEASER) by Melon Photography