Ada Yang Hilang – Ipang Lazuardi with Ricky Lionardi Orchestra

Ada Yang Hilang – Ipang Lazuardi with Ricky Lionardi Orchestra

Malam Penganugerahan Piala Citra – Festival Film Indonesia 2014
Palembang Sports & Convention Center


Bangga Film Indonesia – Ricky Lionardi Orchestra


This is a tribute to Indonesia Movies from time to time. Capturing the best cinematic moment through the soundtrack. This is Bangga Film Indonesia by Ricky Lionardi Orchestra at Piala Citra – FFI 2014.

I’m Already King – Video Clip

Title : I’m Already King

Artist : Christian Bautista

Producer/Arranger : Ricky Lionardi

I’m Already King is the original soundtrack of Simfoni Luar Biasa (A Special Symphony) movie.