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Indonesian Composer is getting more popular lately. Many composers have been widely recognized worldwide through their masterpieces while many other composers are raising stars in the country. Their existence enable people to enjoy good music. Because the need of good quality music and unlimited resources motivate more and more composers to create an artwork. Today, everyone should not have any difficulty to listen to music of Java, music of Bali and music of other areas in Indonesia. This condition enables people to easily know the type of music in a certain area and to understand that Indonesia has lots of music variations.


Amongst the many names of Indonesian arranger, there are 2 Indonesian composers we’d like to write for the article.. These two composers have set up their name both in national and international stages. The first composer is TP. He is a composer of instrumental and vocal works. He combines traditional elements of Indonesia with international resources, resulting in totally unique music. His passion to music has been shown since he was a child. Many competitions he has entered in which the experiences enrich his composing skills and knowledge. He has performed many times in Indonesia and oversees, making his name popular not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. He has been working with many well known film makers, choreographers, poets and artists to create unmatched works. He does not only collaborate with Indonesians but also with Americans. He has done numerous collaborations in which all show the talents and capability in composing beautiful music.  He is now working on various projects and still gives his best efforts.


Then, the second renowned composer is MA. He is a composer from Indonesia that now becomes a resident in both Indonesia and Japan. Until today, he has performed in Indonesia, Asia and elsewhere. Basically, he deals with orchestral, vocal, choral, multimedia works and choral. His skills and knowledge about composing is obtained while he was studying at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta. During his study, he practiced to compose various kinds of music. After he has finished his study, he becomes more active. He joins many competitions and receives many interesting prizes.  One of his masterpieces in orchestra is Symphony No. 1 in 1992. This masterpiece combines several Indonesian instruments. Therefore, if you love Indonesian music and want to know more about it, you need to know popular composers of Orchestra Indonesia.

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Born in Jakarta on August 24th 1980, the composer who graduated from Berklee is the next big thing in Indonesia. Ricky Lionardi, is a composer, arranger, music producer, film composer, jingle writer and also an orchestrator. Has been involved in many jazz music events in Indonesia and composed for many movies, he is now begin to attract people’s attention

But, we also know many senior  and well-known composers such as Addie MS, Erwin Gutawa and Andi Riantor in Indonesia music industry. Undoubtedly, they are the history makers for the orchestra in Indonesia.

Addie MS, was born in Jakarta on 7th October 1959. Addie Muljadi Sumaatmadja, or commonly known as Addie MS is also pianist, Indonesian arranger, and also music producer.

His early career in Indonesia as Indonesian arranger was started on 1979, where he worked as producer or arranger for some Indonesian singers such as Vina Panduwinata, Utha Likumahuwa, and Krisdayanti. He also ever became a producer of American musician, Suzanne Ciani. A lot of awards came to his hand because of his work, such award like Golden Trophy of BASF Awards came to his hand because of some works that he did with several artists. He also ever nominated in the annual Grammy Awards 38th as the Best New Age Album Category.

Twilite Orchestra

On 1991, Addie worked with Oddie Agam and Usmansjah Bakrie to form Twilite Orchestra. Twilite Orchestra is the group of orchestrator Indonesia that not just played classical music but also film musical, drama musical, pop, and some traditional music that they arranged symphonically. This group of talented conductor Indonesia had its biggest success when they held the concert of David Foster in 1992. A lot of successful concert and event were held since that day.

After he married Memes in 1978 and had two children named Tristan Juliano and Kevin Aprilio, his son Kevin seems had the interest of following his father footsteps. Later on, Kevin formed a band named Vierra which played pop music and had a great success until now. Kevin also started to become a producer by forming a girl band namely Princess. Addie continues to guide his son with all his experiences and skills.

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If we want to talk about Jazz Music Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, we can’t not mentioning Jazz Goes to Campus or commonly known also as JGTC. The music festival is an annual Indonesia Jazz festival that first held on 1978. The first group that had the idea and held the first ever Jazz Goes To Campus was the Economy Faculty of University of Universitas Indonesia Student Senate. This Jazz festival is considered as the oldest Jazz festival in Indonesia. Since the first time this event held, it always came up with the biggest group of jazz musicians that ever exist. As in the late November  2014, the 37th Annual Jazz Goes to Campus Universitas Indonesia was held on campus ground of FEUI in Depok, it continued to amaze the people with several big jazz musicians. Just for the record, not only the Indonesian musicians but also International musician.

Ray Harris and The Fusion Experience

Ray Harris and The Fusion Experience are of the Jazz big band that performed during the 37th Jazz Goes to Campus 2014 in Universitas Indonesia. During the press conference Ray Harris said about how much he loves Indonesia. That was the second time Harris came to Indonesia, but he still looked forward to another chance to perform in Jazz Goes to Campus in the future. During the performance Ray Harris and The Fusion showed their respect to Indonesia Culture by using traditional Java outfit in red color. Their outfit was shaped to be used as suit.

Indonesian Musicians

We cannot call an Indonesian music festival if there were no Indonesia jazz musicians on the list of the performer. Some great Jazz musicians and Jazz big bands from Indonesia also set their tone duringthe held of the 37th Jazz Goes to Campus Universitas Indonesia. Some of the performers were popular singer Gleen Fredly, as well as Adhitia Sofyan, Tulus, Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, Like Father Like Son, the talented Oele Pattiselanno Quartet, and more. Some of them regularly performed more than once in the oldest Jazz festival in Indonesia.


This Java Goes to Campus always hold several events that be the early events before the main event of the Jazz festival is held. The first event usually some charity events that hold by the student senate of economy faculty of Universitas Indonesia. After that there is also band competition that opens for college students and also high school students with some price. The best performer may have the benefit of performing during the main event of the festival in the same stage of the other big Jazz musicians.

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If we talk about Indonesia orchestra, we cannot put aside the person who has involved. Indonesia has several great composers that put out their name in the golden paint throughout the world orchestra. But one man who probably set up the Indonesian composer to be known in all over the place in the world is Gesang Martohartono.

Early Life

Gesang, was born in Surakarta on October 1st 1917. This city of center java was one of the places that rich for arts and music. He used to be a keroncong singer for small events in Solo. During that particular time, he created several songs such as Keroncong Roda Dunia, Keroncong si Piatu, and Sapu Tangan. But those songs were never got positive response from the people. Maybe, it was because during that World War II period, people paid more attention to something else rather than appreciating his music.

Bengawan Solo

When Gesang sat down in the side of Bengawan Solo River on 1940, he did a habitual activity of his own. That activity was admiring the beauty of Bengawan Solo River, when suddenly some idea came up through his mind. He decided to make a song about Bengawan Solo, something that amazed him. It was not an easy work like creating the song, it took 6 month for Gesang to finish the song of Bengawan Solo. The Indonesian composer wanted this song became as perfect as it could be, since it was the most beautiful thing of his hometown which brought his mind to a beautiful image of Indonesia. After that, his hard work was paid off. Bengawan Solo became so popular, even the Japanese liked this song very much. They had the thought that orchestra Indonesia and also the Indonesian arranger cannot be seen with only one of their eye. Long after the he composed Bengawan Solo, the song was translated into at least 13 languages of the world, including Japanese, the first nation that admires the song. Recently, the song was also used in one of the Japanese movie. That shows how much this song and Gesang Martohartono has put their footsteps on the heart of Japan.

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Musik Film menjadi sebuah hal yang dinikmati oleh banyak orang. Pernahkah anda melihat sebuah film dan mendengarkan lagu yang menggambarkan suasana di film tersebut? Nah, itulah yang dilakukan oleh beberapa seniman composer yang ada di tanah air.

Mereka sangat hebat dalam menciptakan musik yang detail dan istimewa. Bahkan dengan musik yang mereka ciptakan tersebut, mereka mampu untuk membuat film lebih hidup. Komposer Musik Film Indonesia yang terkenal adalah Ricky Lionardi.

Namanya terkenal karena beliau sendiri adalah musisi jazz generasi muda yang sedang naik daun. Ya, Ricky Lionardi berhasil menciptakan beberapa musik film yang terkenal.

Ilustrasi Musik Film Indonesia juga memberikan sesuatu yang sangat luar biasa. Melalui ilustrasi yang diciptakan oleh para composer terdahulu tersebut, tentunya hal ini bisa menjadi inspirasi bagi penikmat musik yang ada di Indonesia lainnya.

Film Composer Indonesia juga sangat terkenal. Komposer menciptakan musik tidak hanya pada saat mereka konser saja, namun juga mereka menciptakan musik untuk kenikmatan bagi semua orang. Banyak pula yang menyebutkan profesi untuk menuliskan ilustrasi musik ini sebagai Film Scorer, yang diambil dari istilah Film Scoring.

Film Scorer Indonesia ikut berkontribusi besar dalam dunia seni peran dan seni musik yang ada di Indonesia. Tugas mereka adalah menilai seberapa besar value (nilai) dari musik dan juga film yang diciptakan di Indonesia.

Dengan adanya musik yang bagus komposisinya maka sudah pasti akan mendapatkan nilai yang sangat tinggi. Inilah yang membuat peran dari film scorer sangat istimewa. Film Scoring Indonesia ada banyak jumlahnya. Bahkan dengan adanya scoring tersebut maka secara tidak langsung akan memberikan sugesti kepada seniman. Mereka harus melakukan yang terbaik untuk menciptakan musik yang bagus. Selain itu, kualitas dari film tersebut sendiri juga harus dinilai dengan baik.

Soundtrack film juga menjadi salah satu hal yang paling penting dalam sebuah film. Misalnya adalah film Laskar Pelangi yang memiliki OST yang sama dengan nama filmnya.

Soundtrack dari Laskar Pelangi yang dinyanyikan oleh group band Nidji tentu saja membuat banyak orang ingat dengan film tersebut. Intinya adalah sebuah musik bisa membuat nuansa berbeda dalam film tersebut.

Hal inilah yang kemudian juga membuat orang sangat suka dengan film Laskar Pelangi. Selain itu, film lainnya yang juga memiliki OST terkenal adalah Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, yang dinyanyikan oleh Melly Goeslaw, serta Malaikat Juga Tahu dari Film Rectoverso

Adanya Indonesian Soundtrack yang satu ini juga cukup populer di eranya. Nama dari Glenn Fredly menjadi sorotan dari banyak orang. Selain itu nama Raisa juga dikenal sebagai penyanyi di OST Rectorveso yang menyanyikan lagu Firasat.

Di film tersebut, lagu Firasat yang juga dinyanyikan oleh Dewi Lestari benar-benar menyentuh dan ikut mengiringi plot dan setting di dalamnya. Alhasil, perpaduan antara film yang berkualitas dan musik yang seirama dengan cerita di film tersebut juga akan memberikan banyak keuntungan bagi orang-orang yang menikmatinya.

Untuk film I Know What You Did on Facebook juga berhasil mendapat nominasi Piala Citra untuk kategori ilustrasi musik terbaik. Tidak hanya itu saja, masih banyak nama penyanyi terkenal untuk OST film Indonesia.