Festival Film Bandung 2016 – Penata Musik Terpuji : Ricky Lionardi


14482721_1131858560228037_3314243176457306112_nIn September 24th, 2016, Ricky Lionardi was honored to receive the award from Forum Film Bandung as Penata Musik Terpuji at Festival Film Bandung 2016 awarding Continue reading



Title : BADOET

PH : DT Films

Director : Awi Suryadi
Scoring (Music Illustration in Movie) by Ricky Lionardi

In theatres November 2015

Starring: Daniel Topan, Ratu Felisha, Christoffer Nelwan, Marcel Chandrawinata, Aurelie Moeremans, Tiara Westlake, Ronny P. Tjandra

Bangga Film Indonesia – Ricky Lionardi Orchestra


This is a tribute to Indonesia Movies from time to time. Capturing the best cinematic moment through the soundtrack. This is Bangga Film Indonesia by Ricky Lionardi Orchestra at Piala Citra – FFI 2014.