The film Angel Sign is an adaptation of five SILENT MANGA AUDITION (SMA) winners. An anthology film of interconnected stories based on five SMA award works from Asia, South America, and Europe which is one of the largest international manga competitions in the world.

Every story is filmed in Asia is directed by their own country. The prologue and epilogue are written, storyboarded, and directed by Tsukasa Hojo who is a legendary manga. The most unique quality of this film is the soundtrack. This “silent movie”, the emotional voice of the film is in its imagery and music, making Angel Sign a truly international project that crosses language and culture. #AngelSign

Back Home Synopsis: A father called to war makes a promise to his daughter to return to her. With the war at an end, he realizes it’s a promise he can’t keep… that is until a miraculous blue butterfly appears.

Based on: Back Home by Vu Dinh Lan

Location: Indonesia

Director: Kamila Andini

Cast: Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Mikako Yoshida

Studio Music Director & Score Composed: Ricky Lionardi

Mana sangka sebuah obrolan beranjak menjadi diskusi dan menghasilkan sebuah karya berupa bentuk ragam perhiasan yang memiliki kisah tak biasa. Hasilnya juga ternyata mampu memunculkan ragam perasaaan. Seperti halnya Tulola terinspirasi dari sekitar. Hanya kejujuranlah yang membuat sebuah karya tetap berjalan dan maju melangkah tanpa terganggu oleh beragam tantangan.

Ini adalah kisah penutup dari webseries Tulola karya Kamila Andini

Directed by @kamilandini ✨ Webseries production @fourcoloursfilms producer @isfansyah DOP @mawankelana editor @mamad_anggoro music director @rickylionardi



Episode 3 TANAH AIR has launched online.

Set in 2014, Sri & Happy convey the symbols of Indonesia’s treasure through our nature.

See the full episode on IGTV & Tulola Youtube Channel.

Directed by @kamilandini ✨ Webseries production @fourcoloursfilms producer @isfansyah DOP @mawankelana editor @mamad_anggoro music director @rickylionardi #perjalanantulola #webseriesindonesia #tentangindonesia #motherhoodfilmmaking