REVIEW : Barry Likumahuwa Project with Ricky Lionardi Big Band by

Java Jazz 2012 : Barry Likumahuwa Project feat Ricky Lionardi Jazz Orchestra

“Ricky Lionardi is a senior composer who is passionate about big band, therefore he is accustomed to work with it. He is also active as music producer, arranger, and film composer. Some of his works which you can recognize are in Original Soundtrack of “Simfoni Luar Biasa Movie” where he conducted as music scoring, songs arranger and music producer and as producer yet arranger of Christian Bautista. Ricky is not a stranger to Java Jazz Festival as well. He has performed before, for example at 2006 edition with Edo Kondologit.

Having BLP along with big band presented a new way to enjoy BLP. Still with the funky ingredients that have captured the hearts of the youngsters, now the sound became even richer by the help of Ricky Lionardi Big Band. It was proven by the crowd’s enthusiasm when they closed their act by singing “Generasi Synergy” featuring Aji Idol and others. Very interesting twist indeed!

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