Sabda Alam (Official Release)

sabda alam

‘Sabda Alam’ was released on 26 October 2018, as the debut of Senandung Indonesia project. Collaborated with @IndraAziz, Indonesia’s well known singer, vocal coach and founder of @VokalPlus@rickylionardi presented his rendition to preserve Indonesian popular songs by performing it in a classic yet modern way, to be enjoyed by all the people, from the young to mature music/jazz enthusiasts. #SABDAALAM was written by #ISMAILMARZUKI and published in 1950. Listen it now on your favorite digital platforms!

Performed by
Piano : Nial Djuliarso @nial_djuliarso
Drums : Aksan Sjuman @aksansjuman
Bass : Kevin Yosua
Rhythm Section recorded live at Sum It Studio
Tracking Engineer : Dimas Pradipta @dimaspradipta

Executive Producer : Ricky Lionardi
Producer : Ricky Lionardi
Arranger & Orchestrator : Ricky Lionardi
Mixed by Shandy Eka Permadi @shandyekapermadi & Ricky Lionardi at RL Studio
Mastering by Steve Corrao (SAGE Audio)

60-piece Budapest Scoring Jazz Orchestra
Orchestra recorded live in Budapest, Hungary

Senandung Indonesia Design Concept : Christa Linggar (SOSJ) @christalinggar
Ricky Lionardi’s photo : Alexis Calvin

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