sabda alam

‘Sabda Alam’ was released on 26 October 2018, as the debut of Senandung Indonesia project. Collaborated with @IndraAziz, Indonesia’s well known singer, vocal coach and founder of @VokalPlus@rickylionardi presented his rendition to preserve Indonesian popular songs by performing it in a classic yet modern way, to be enjoyed by all the people, from the young to mature music/jazz enthusiasts. #SABDAALAM was written by #ISMAILMARZUKI and published in 1950. Listen it now on your favorite digital platforms!

Performed by
Piano : Nial Djuliarso @nial_djuliarso
Drums : Aksan Sjuman @aksansjuman
Bass : Kevin Yosua
Rhythm Section recorded live at Sum It Studio
Tracking Engineer : Dimas Pradipta @dimaspradipta

Executive Producer : Ricky Lionardi
Producer : Ricky Lionardi
Arranger & Orchestrator : Ricky Lionardi
Mixed by Shandy Eka Permadi @shandyekapermadi & Ricky Lionardi at RL Studio
Mastering by Steve Corrao (SAGE Audio)

60-piece Budapest Scoring Jazz Orchestra
Orchestra recorded live in Budapest, Hungary

Senandung Indonesia Design Concept : Christa Linggar (SOSJ) @christalinggar
Ricky Lionardi’s photo : Alexis Calvin

In May 2018, Ricky Lionardi finally went to the studio to record the 60-piece orchestra for Senandung Indonesia music album with Budapest Scoring Jazz Orchestra. The recording took place at Budapest city, Hungary for 4 hours.

In the upcoming album, one of the songs is performed by Indra Aziz along with Nial Djuliarso, Aksan Sjuman and Kevin Yosua in the rhythm section.

Check out the teaser, compiled and edited by Alexis Calvin, with footages from Budapest Scoring & Flo Hadjon.