Jazz Masa Kini

‘Jazz Masa Kini’ is a compilation album from Aksara Records, produced by Ricky Lionardi himself.


  1. Jakarta City Blues 
    Indra Aziz
  2. Payung Fantasi 
    Shelomita and Opustre Big Band
  3. Whatever Works 
    Bobb Quartet
  4. Nature 
    Imam Pras Quartet (IPQ)
  5. Three Colours 
    Mian Tiara featuring Riza Arshad & Ricky Lionardi
  6. Mengenang Cinta 
  7. Moscow Morning 
    Nial Djuliarso Duo
  8. Without Me 
    Rifka Rachman
  9. Hecta Dance 
    Sixth Element
  10. Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am!!! 
    Tomorrow People Ensemble
  11. Banyumas Delight 

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