The Composer of Bengawan Solo

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If we talk about Indonesia orchestra, we cannot put aside the person who has involved. Indonesia has several great composers that put out their name in the golden paint throughout the world orchestra. But one man who probably set up the Indonesian composer to be known in all over the place in the world is Gesang Martohartono.

Early Life

Gesang, was born in Surakarta on October 1st 1917. This city of center java was one of the places that rich for arts and music. He used to be a keroncong singer for small events in Solo. During that particular time, he created several songs such as Keroncong Roda Dunia, Keroncong si Piatu, and Sapu Tangan. But those songs were never got positive response from the people. Maybe, it was because during that World War II period, people paid more attention to something else rather than appreciating his music.

Bengawan Solo

When Gesang sat down in the side of Bengawan Solo River on 1940, he did a habitual activity of his own. That activity was admiring the beauty of Bengawan Solo River, when suddenly some idea came up through his mind. He decided to make a song about Bengawan Solo, something that amazed him. It was not an easy work like creating the song, it took 6 month for Gesang to finish the song of Bengawan Solo. The Indonesian composer wanted this song became as perfect as it could be, since it was the most beautiful thing of his hometown which brought his mind to a beautiful image of Indonesia. After that, his hard work was paid off. Bengawan Solo became so popular, even the Japanese liked this song very much. They had the thought that orchestra Indonesia and also the Indonesian arranger cannot be seen with only one of their eye. Long after the he composed Bengawan Solo, the song was translated into at least 13 languages of the world, including Japanese, the first nation that admires the song. Recently, the song was also used in one of the Japanese movie. That shows how much this song and Gesang Martohartono has put their footsteps on the heart of Japan.

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