Jazz Music Festival in Jakarta

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If we want to talk about Jazz Music Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, we can’t not mentioning Jazz Goes to Campus or commonly known also as JGTC. The music festival is an annual Indonesia Jazz festival that first held on 1978. The first group that had the idea and held the first ever Jazz Goes To Campus was the Economy Faculty of University of Universitas Indonesia Student Senate. This Jazz festival is considered as the oldest Jazz festival in Indonesia. Since the first time this event held, it always came up with the biggest group of jazz musicians that ever exist. As in the late November  2014, the 37th Annual Jazz Goes to Campus Universitas Indonesia was held on campus ground of FEUI in Depok, it continued to amaze the people with several big jazz musicians. Just for the record, not only the Indonesian musicians but also International musician.

Ray Harris and The Fusion Experience

Ray Harris and The Fusion Experience are of the Jazz big band that performed during the 37th Jazz Goes to Campus 2014 in Universitas Indonesia. During the press conference Ray Harris said about how much he loves Indonesia. That was the second time Harris came to Indonesia, but he still looked forward to another chance to perform in Jazz Goes to Campus in the future. During the performance Ray Harris and The Fusion showed their respect to Indonesia Culture by using traditional Java outfit in red color. Their outfit was shaped to be used as suit.

Indonesian Musicians

We cannot call an Indonesian music festival if there were no Indonesia jazz musicians on the list of the performer. Some great Jazz musicians and Jazz big bands from Indonesia also set their tone duringthe held of the 37th Jazz Goes to Campus Universitas Indonesia. Some of the performers were popular singer Gleen Fredly, as well as Adhitia Sofyan, Tulus, Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, Like Father Like Son, the talented Oele Pattiselanno Quartet, and more. Some of them regularly performed more than once in the oldest Jazz festival in Indonesia.


This Java Goes to Campus always hold several events that be the early events before the main event of the Jazz festival is held. The first event usually some charity events that hold by the student senate of economy faculty of Universitas Indonesia. After that there is also band competition that opens for college students and also high school students with some price. The best performer may have the benefit of performing during the main event of the festival in the same stage of the other big Jazz musicians.

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