Indonesian Composers

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Born in Jakarta on August 24th 1980, the composer who graduated from Berklee is the next big thing in Indonesia. Ricky Lionardi, is a composer, arranger, music producer, film composer, jingle writer and also an orchestrator. Has been involved in many jazz music events in Indonesia and composed for many movies, he is now begin to attract people’s attention

But, we also know many senior  and well-known composers such as Addie MS, Erwin Gutawa and Andi Riantor in Indonesia music industry. Undoubtedly, they are the history makers for the orchestra in Indonesia.

Addie MS, was born in Jakarta on 7th October 1959. Addie Muljadi Sumaatmadja, or commonly known as Addie MS is also pianist, Indonesian arranger, and also music producer.

His early career in Indonesia as Indonesian arranger was started on 1979, where he worked as producer or arranger for some Indonesian singers such as Vina Panduwinata, Utha Likumahuwa, and Krisdayanti. He also ever became a producer of American musician, Suzanne Ciani. A lot of awards came to his hand because of his work, such award like Golden Trophy of BASF Awards came to his hand because of some works that he did with several artists. He also ever nominated in the annual Grammy Awards 38th as the Best New Age Album Category.

Twilite Orchestra

On 1991, Addie worked with Oddie Agam and Usmansjah Bakrie to form Twilite Orchestra. Twilite Orchestra is the group of orchestrator Indonesia that not just played classical music but also film musical, drama musical, pop, and some traditional music that they arranged symphonically. This group of talented conductor Indonesia had its biggest success when they held the concert of David Foster in 1992. A lot of successful concert and event were held since that day.

After he married Memes in 1978 and had two children named Tristan Juliano and Kevin Aprilio, his son Kevin seems had the interest of following his father footsteps. Later on, Kevin formed a band named Vierra which played pop music and had a great success until now. Kevin also started to become a producer by forming a girl band namely Princess. Addie continues to guide his son with all his experiences and skills.

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