Knowing Indonesian Composers

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Indonesian Composer is getting more popular lately. Many composers have been widely recognized worldwide through their masterpieces while many other composers are raising stars in the country. Their existence enable people to enjoy good music. Because the need of good quality music and unlimited resources motivate more and more composers to create an artwork. Today, everyone should not have any difficulty to listen to music of Java, music of Bali and music of other areas in Indonesia. This condition enables people to easily know the type of music in a certain area and to understand that Indonesia has lots of music variations.


Amongst the many names of Indonesian arranger, there are 2 Indonesian composers we’d like to write for the article.. These two composers have set up their name both in national and international stages. The first composer is TP. He is a composer of instrumental and vocal works. He combines traditional elements of Indonesia with international resources, resulting in totally unique music. His passion to music has been shown since he was a child. Many competitions he has entered in which the experiences enrich his composing skills and knowledge. He has performed many times in Indonesia and oversees, making his name popular not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. He has been working with many well known film makers, choreographers, poets and artists to create unmatched works. He does not only collaborate with Indonesians but also with Americans. He has done numerous collaborations in which all show the talents and capability in composing beautiful music.  He is now working on various projects and still gives his best efforts.


Then, the second renowned composer is MA. He is a composer from Indonesia that now becomes a resident in both Indonesia and Japan. Until today, he has performed in Indonesia, Asia and elsewhere. Basically, he deals with orchestral, vocal, choral, multimedia works and choral. His skills and knowledge about composing is obtained while he was studying at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta. During his study, he practiced to compose various kinds of music. After he has finished his study, he becomes more active. He joins many competitions and receives many interesting prizes.  One of his masterpieces in orchestra is Symphony No. 1 in 1992. This masterpiece combines several Indonesian instruments. Therefore, if you love Indonesian music and want to know more about it, you need to know popular composers of Orchestra Indonesia.

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