The Composer of Indonesia Popular Songs

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Indonesia has a lot of composers who created traditional songs back in the days of Indonesia’s independence. One of the famous composers is Ismail Marzuki. Ismail Marzuki, as Indonesian Composer has created various popular national songs. One of popular song that is created by Ismail Marzuki was Rayuan Pulau Kelapa and used as the ending theme broadcast of one of the national TV station. Of some of the songs he created, Ismail Marzuki got the gift of homage to the opening of the Taman Ismail Marzuki. TIM is a cultural center located in Salemba.

Ismail Marzuki’s Biography

Ismail Marzuki was an active and prolific Indonesian Composer. He was born in Jakarta on 11 May, 1914. Ismail Marzuki created songs with lyrics full of national soul, romance, poetry, strong and beautiful melodies. Some of the songs written by Ismail Marzuki have a high value of immortality which was Juwita Malam, Selendang Sutra, Sepasang Mata Bola, and many more. Ismail Marzuki began his career as a composer and produced his first song is “Oh Sarinah”. This song told life conditions of the oppressed towards the nation. He has the ability to find inspiration in composing songs with various themes. He was also known as a musician who completes the history of Indonesian music.

Ismail Marzuki died at age 44 on May 25, 1958. Even though that he has gone, his works will always be in Indonesia’s heart. In 2004, Ismail Marzuki was named as a national hero. Ismail Marzuki also believed to be a large part of Indonesian society as the creator of the song “Halo-Halo Bandung”. This song illustrated the magnitude of the spirit of the people of Bandung in Bandung Lautan Api.

Works of Ismail Marzuki

Ismail Marzuki managed to develop his talent to be succeeded and not become weary in studying knowledge of music. In creating songs, he always noting the rules in the music example melody, rhythm, tempo and adjust the lyric.

In 1931 Ismail Marzuki has created a song called Oh Sarinah made in Dutch. When he was 22 years old he made a masterpiece in the form keroncong entitled Kroncong Serenata. In each of his songs, he is always keen in choosing stories of struggle and life. He always combines romance and patriotic songs. This is one characteristic of the songs of the Indonesian Composer, Ismail Marzuki. He always remembered through the songs that have been created and nationalism in him.

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