Java Jazz Festival Indonesia : The Biggest Annual Festival Event

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Java Jazz Festival is a music festival that has become the largest event that held every year in early March. Java Jazz Festival started in 2005 by PT Java Festival Production. This company is an event organizer and promoter that arrange many events such as music festivals, concerts and more events, supported by the government, private companies, and communities. The initiator of Java Jazz Festival is Peter F. Gontha and also her daughter, Dewi Gontha. He motivated and inspired by the vision of many people who want a show with beautiful music.

History of Java Jazz Festival

Java Jazz Festival in 2005 after the tsunami in Aceh and Bali bombings 2. Before the very first event started they have encounter has many obstacles and receive many refusals to hold this event. However, Peter was trying to make the event still rolling according to plan. He has vision that the music is the only international language, that will unite many nations together. In its efforts to convince the world of Jazz musicians, he prepared a variety of strategies.

This event formed because of the demand from the public for jazz music event held in Indonesia. This event has a quality program, can promote Jazz music, creating a cross-cultural peace, and develop the music industry. Java Festival Production is very consistent in maintaining the credibility and confidence of international artists to come to Indonesia and always convince the artists that Indonesia is safe for tourists and visitors, which give them

World Record

After a decade of music complements Indonesia, Java Jazz Festival managed to inspire the kind of musical performances in Indonesia and abroad. Java Jazz is an international festival that brings the world artists to come to Indonesia. With a variety of annual events that have been implemented by JJF, in 2010 JJF get MURI as the “World’s Largest Jazz Festival”. In 2013, JJF managed to make 112 thousand audiences came to watch the event. JJF also awarded the highest charter world record for breaking the world record as the largest jazz festival in the world, invited 1,300 musicians, artists, and bands in 21 stages.

Not only that, JJF has been listed as the grand festival in the world and the largest festival in Southeast Asia. Currently JJF not only as an annual music concerts, but also a part of the tourism program to promote Indonesia to the world, and become the world’s third event that is always awaited by the people through Youtube.

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