The Most Anticipated Jazz Festival

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Indonesia Jazz Festival is one of the jazz festival in Indonesia. A jazz festival is one of the ways to introduce jazz to the people. The number of jazz fans is smaller compared to the number of fans of other types of music. But in a jazz festival , those who never listen to jazz have a chance to listen to jazz in a merrier way, together with lots of other people. Then, a jazz festival is also a great way to satisfy jazz lovers because they have a chance to watch performances from various performers. Usually, a jazz festival in Indonesia involves both national and international performers. This surely enables jazz lovers to watch their most favorite performers easily and they just need to go to one place.


There are many worth to wait jazz festivals in Indonesia and one of them is Java Jazz Festival. This jazz festival is an international event that is held annually. The 2015 festival is the 11th festival and it will be held on 6, 7 and 8 March 2015 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. This jazz festival is amongst the most popular jazz festivals in Indonesia not only in term of the performers but also in tem of the audiences. Popular Indonesian jazz bands and renowned artists perform in the festival. According to the official site of the festival, Christina Perri is going to do a show at the festival. If you are a fan of her, you surely should not miss this great chance. When will you be able to see her live performance in Indonesia in near time again if you do not make use of this chance?


Then, there is Ngayogjazz Festival, a jazz festival that aims at bringing jazz to local society. There is a strong opinion that jazz is just for wealthy and educated people. Many local and national jazz bands want to break this misunderstanding by performing at a venue that is easy to reach by anyone. This festival is typically to be held every year in November in Yogyakarta. Further, there is also a jazz festival that is originally held by students of the University of Indonesia. If you are a university student who wants to hang out together with your friends watching jazz concert, you can attend Jazz Goes To Campus Universitas Indonesia.

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